How to Improve Your Posture


Fixing Your Posture – 9 Tips on How to Improve Your Posture

Posture is very important to maintain a healthy mind and body shape. Having good posture makes you look better and helps in boosting your confidence. Practicing good posture enhances breathing and circulation, helps lessen muscle spasms and also it can help your mood enlighten.

Do a Desk Stretch

If you are working in an office set-up, you are most probably sitting in front of your desk. You can try a simple hamstring stretch to keep your muscles from tensing up in the unchanged position all day.

Take up Yoga

You may take up a hobby like yoga. It gives you full body stretching, strengthens your core, and can help you with relaxation and flexibility. Yoga also increases your awareness to what you are doing; in this case you may be always aware in what posture you are portraying of and correct all your incorrect postures.

Sit in the Right Position

Sitting is one thing that people always do. It is very important that you sit in the proper way. Your head must be aligned with your body. You must also feel relax and comfortable. Sitting properly reduces muscle pain and back pain.

Go for a Standing Desk

Standing desk is one way to improve your posture. It allows you to stay in an upright position that helps in improving your posture. It further helps in avoiding standing in slouchy manner.

Feel Your Breaths

Breathe slowly. Feel the air entering into your nose, and fill your belly with air. Then hold for a few seconds. After that breathe out with your tongue slightly touch the roof of your mouth. In this process, you can release your stress and you may also feel relax after doing this a couple of time. It may also improve your posture if you practice it throughout the day.

Know Your Posture

Go check yourself in front of the mirror. Check your standing posture if it is proper. If you notice some angles that are improper, take a note of that and do the proper one. You can also learn the wall angels for you to maintain the proper posture while standing.

Get Up and Make Movements

Get up once in a while and go to the bathroom. Do this at least an hour. Drink a glass of water or green tea to refresh yourself. Take a break and reach the sky. Stretch your legs and take a short walk.

Exercise Regularly    

Exercise is very important and should be a part of your daily routine. It promotes health body and also a good posture. Taking up regular exercise train your body to be stronger and hold itself properly. Go for upper body exercise that includes pulling and pushing. You may go for seated rows, standing rows, and pull-ups.

Be Patient

Patience is the real key to be successful and reach your goal. Having a good posture will take a lot of work and a couple of days. Always have patience with yourself. It will take longer if you had bad posture for long years.

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