How to Hide a Hickey


How to Hide a Hickey

How to hide a hickey remedies do work, but you still might need to deal with the love bite/hickeys for a few days. Considering that it could be in a location that is visible, you might want to come up with very good strategies to hide a hickey or hickeys. Whereas some people have no problem walking around with evidence of what they did last night, you might be amongst those who want private matters to remain just that private.

How to Hide Hickeys

A few tips can help you conceal your love bite until it completely heals. Here is what you can do to hide a hickey.

1. Use the right clothing and accessories to hide a hickeyhickey-on-neck

This is a very good method to cover up your love bites or hickeys. The good thing about clothes and accessories is that they give you complete coverage to allow healing for as many days as possible. You can try using items such as collared shirts, turtlenecks and scarves for hickeys around the neck. If you have hickeys on your upper arms, consider wearing sleeved clothes. Another interesting way of keeping it hidden is using a first aid bandage and creating a story around it such as cutting, getting scratches or burns!

2. Use your hair as cover to hide a hickey

This will work for girls and guys with long hair. Style your hair in such a way that it ends up covering the love bite. This might however, require constant checking to ensure the coverage is still on. You can also use hair accessories such as scarves that drop down the neck but remain stylish. If you have short hair that is not doing you much justice in hiding what you wish to keep hidden, you can choose to get a long weave or buy a stylish wig to serve your needs for just the moment you need it to. A weave or wig might however not work for you if you are a guy.

3. Use makeup to hide hickeys

On areas that are hard to cover such as the cheeks, you might need makeup to do the hiding trick for you. The good thing is that even guys can try on a little makeup without looking all girlish and made-up. Applying green corrector to the red hickey should make it less visible. You can also try using a skin tone concealer mixed with yellow concealer until you achieve a color matching your natural skin tone. Then apply this using a makeup brush to hide a hickey. You then have to spread it out by dabbing to achieve an even looking skin. Foundation can be topped to complete the look. A fake tan can also help you keep your intimate results hidden for several days.

Next time you allow someone to leave a mark of love on you, make sure that you are comfortable enough to carry it around without any issues or you are ready to start the process of getting rid of it or hiding it till it completely clears. It is the price you pay for the pleasure you get from the session! More detailed information regarding how to hide a hickey can be found here –

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