How to Give Someone a Hickey


How to Give Someone a Hickey

how to give someone a hickeyBefore knowing how to give someone a hickey, the first, and most important thing about giving hickeys is to make sure your partner actually wants one. Hickeys also known as love bites, can be easily given on sensitive area like neck, breasts, lips, cheeks, thighs and belly, etc. Hickeys can stick around for days and for some this is acceptable as a sign of love. Others just want to give hickeys as revenge since they know the individual receiving the hickey will have a few days of dealing with it. So, if you and your partner are both ok with it, well, by all means have fun!

Whatever your reasons of giving a hickey, just ensure that the guy or the girl you are about to make your victim is receptive & okay with it. It might also be a good idea to at least give the hickey on an area that will give the victim a chance to hide or conceal. If the he/she does not mind, it’s your luck since you can create it on any body part you like!

Here is How to Give Someone a Hickey & Leave your Love Mark

Step 1 – Find a secluded place where you can get intimate with your partner without interruptions or unwelcome glances. Basically, all attention should be in the action of kissing and caressing in a manner that is nothing short of seduction. A hickey can be quite romantic when the heat between you is on so get as playful as you can!

Step 2 – Now move the kissing from the lips and go down to other good hickey areas such as the neck, breasts or stomach. Make the kisses sensual as you decide the exact place to bite your partner in love. Now start sucking the area as you would with thick yogurt or milkshake from a straw. Remember to make the suck hard enough or you will go home disappointed. But you also want to remember to make it a pleasure and not a discomfort for your partner.

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Step 3 – Continue with the suck and give a nibble to delight your partner in pleasure. Now go back to the sucking adding stimulation effects such as tickling using the tongue. Your partner will hardly notice what your intentions are as long as everything remains sensual and stimulating other than painful and uncomfortable.

Step 4 – After sucking on for at least 30 seconds, release the lips and concentrate on making out. After the kissing intimate session, it is time to check your results! If you did it right, then the mark will clearly show in light pink or dark purple color and should be at least an inch across. If you wish to swap it more, repeat the procedure.

Just a tip – If your girlfriend or boyfriend wants a hickey but doesn’t want her/his parents to see it, you can give them a hickey on stomach too. But it could be more difficult on the stomach than the neck because the thicker the skin the harder its going to be no matter where it’s at.

When giving someone a hickey, remember that this kind of intimate kissing can lead to love making, especially considering you are in a secluded place. If your intention is to simply give the hickey on your partner, know exactly at what point you should stop. If you don’t mind a steamy lovemaking session, then continue with the kissing and caressing and enjoy the rest of the session. You should feel quite happy and like a champion after you have accomplished your mission and got some pleasure in the process!

I hope you are now all set after reading how to give someone a hickey like a pro!!



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