How to Get Rid Of Blackheads on Forehead


Ways to Get Rid Of Blackheads on Forehead Fast

Blackheads have a tendency of attacking places that are hardest to hide such as the forehead and it can be a nightmare if you really care about how your face looks. They are most common in individuals with oily skin, but they can appear on any person. They can be defined as undeveloped pimples which oxidize when exposed to the air, thus turning dark in color.

Popping them only worsens them but there are simple ways to get rid of them.

 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads on Forehead Fast

Cleansing Masks 

get-rid-of-blackheadsOne of the best ways of eliminating the blackheads from your forehead is using a mask. You can make one using cinnamon, honey and egg whites to clean out dirt around this area and open up the clogged forehead pores. They are natural remedies that can offer fast results. Egg whites can be applied alone, in layers till they are completely dry, then rinsed off using lukewarm water. Cinnamon and honey can be used together to make a mask for the same.


Cleansing strips

Sticky cotton strips can also work very well in eliminating the blackheads. Apply and let them dry before pulling them off to enjoy faster results on the forehead. Wash the face and apply the strips while it is still moist and allow drying before pulling off the strips. It is one of the methods that can give you instant results.

Salt and lemon

They are together used to exfoliate the skin around the forehead. They have cleansing qualities that will improve the circulation and generation of new skin cells. Squeeze some lemon on salt in a bowl and add a little honey to make a paste then apply and let it dry before rinsing.

Green tea

It is another good natural remedy for blackheads on the forehead. It has incredible properties that rejuvenate the skin, eliminating the spots in the process. Clean and dry the face before applying green tea mixed in warm water. It can be left to sit for at least 3 minutes before rinsing off.

Clean the face

One of the most natural ways to get rid of blackheads on your forehead is adopting a good face cleaning routine. You can use a medicated soap and ensure that you clean it at least twice every day in the morning and before retiring to bed. It helps avoid dirt and oil clogging up the pores.

Even though it is possible to treat and eliminate forehead blackheads, at times it is most helpful to prevent their occurrence. You can do this by cleaning the face well, changing and keeping pillowcases clean, washing off makeup before sleeping and ensuring you do not pop the blackheads or use any removal tools. Popping them creates an easy spread and the removal tools will only worsen the situation. Apart from cleaning the face, ensure that you also eat a balanced diet and take enough water to keep the skin well hydrated, healthy and functioning as it should.




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