How to Get Rid of Ants Using Borax and Sugar


Simple Steps to Learn How to Get Rid of Ants with Borax and Sugar

Ants are one of the most common intruders in most of our homes, especially the kitchenWhat makes the kitchen area as a safe haven for ant lay in the fact that leftovers and uncovered foods attracts them. Getting rid of ants is an easy task to be met unless one opts for effective methods at combating them. With that being said, there are different kinds of ants; some thrive on outdoor environment while the others prefer indoor locations.

Hence, it is natural for anyone of us to be jittery over the ruckus of ants, and the situation could go beyond your control. Once the sugar ants start raging a war against your kitchen cabinets and racks, then winning over them will be a tough call because sugar ants are among the hardest ants to get rid of.

Learn to get rid of any type of ants with least glitches using the following guidelines listed below:

How to get rid of sugar antsHOW-TO-GET-RID-OF-ANTS-sugar

In the first place, be prepared to go on a wild goose chase because hunting down the main sugar ant’s nest is not a piece of cake. The hierarchy of the sugar ants is extremely differently from their cousins since they generally have multiple queens reigning over colonies, and they just flourish on anything— whether it be your electronic equipment, walls, floors or other unlikely places of your homes.

Effective measures:

  • Carefully mix appropriate portions of borax with a cup of water and a cup of sugar. Leave the bait in their usual path so that the ants take it along their nest. The main goal is to ensure that the slow ant killer mix is effectively delivered to the queen.

How to get rid of carpenter ants

Carpenter ant as the name says is usually the infestation of tree stump in the front yards, abandoned logs or rotting wood works, and often the winged carpenter ants (swarmers) are mistaken with termites. Though most carpenter ants infestation is insignificant it can cause serious problems unless nipped in the bud. Getting rid of ants outside your home comes with fathom of challenges, and simply improving and replacing rotting woods is a secondary option after taking care of the main hurdle.

Effective measures:

  • First of all, carry out a thorough inspection of your outdoor property and identify the problem areas. Then, use insecticide like Knox out to clear out mature nests, otherwise cut open the nest and pour in boiling water along with a solution of water and ant killer.
  • However, spotting the nests requires immense patience since it is never simple locating them. In case of a large colony of ants, crinkling and crunching noise made by the busy networks of ants can be heard. But, if you fail to hear any sound of movement you may have to put in extra sensory power and set baits at suspected locations. Place sugar or honey bait during the night, and follow the trail as the insects grope up their nest.

How to get rid of Argentine ants

Argentine ants are very resilient in nature, so be prepared to deal with a cumbersome task and keep your patient under check. These ants usually team with other colonies—building up into a super force—draining away your efforts into waste.

Effective measures:

  • You may find it weird, but talcum powder is one of the most effective repellent used against Argentine ants’ invasion. Keeping this trick in mind, sprinkle talcum powder and work along the edges of your home corners, floors and other prone areas, and see how well it works.
  • Simple, yet a logical preventive measure is to seal doors, windows, any openings of your home. This will double ensure the entry of Argentine to zero.
  • Outdoor location such as the garden, the lawns etc are instant attraction for Argentine ants. To combat the intrusion from getting out of hand, use Diatomaceous earth to line your garden premises as it is natural antidote to crusade of the ants.

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