Tips On How To Get Pregnant Fast


It is very natural to want a baby. People have different reasons why they wish to have babies and whatever your reasons, you deserve to have your wishes fulfilled. It is however not always easy for some women to get pregnant. Fortunately, there is something you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you are wondering on how to get pregnant fast, below are a few tips that can actually help hasten the process for you.

1. Have plenty of sex
If you want to make a baby, then you should be prepared to get really busy! Having lots and lots of sex should increase your chances of getting pregnant and at the same time give you lots of pleasure and happiness. It is advisable to have sex every day or at least four times a week to get pregnant fast.

Frequent sexual intercourse  increases your chances of hitting your fertile days, resulting in pregnancy. It also helps in improving the health of sperms and conception is made easy after ovulation. The secret is to have as much sex as you can handle.

2. Optimize sex for baby making

Getting Pregnant Fast

Sometimes, it is not how much sex you have but how you have it. You therefore need to be strategic with your conception sex. Your cervical fluid is the best lubricant and will make it easy for the sperms to swim and find their way to the egg. This makes it important to ensure you are fully ready for some baby making.

Sexual arousal can actually determine the amount of ejaculated sperms; hence the importance of both parties being fully aroused. If you have issues with natural  lubrication, you can consider lubricants that are sperm friendly.

Some people also believe positions can determine how fast you get pregnant. Whereas this is not really proven, you can still try positions that improve sperm swimming. Why not try lying down for a while after you are done?

3. Monitor your ovulation

It is a fact that every woman has her  most fertile days. You can tell by paying attention to your cervical mucus, body basal temperature and cervical changes. This can be made easy for you by using an ovulation predictor kit or an ovulation monitor. If you are trying to get pregnant fast, then such a kit will make interpretation easy for you so you can get busy with sex when you are most fertile and likely to conceive.

4. Optimize your health
Apart from good sex, your health can also determine the rate at which you get pregnant. Making lifestyle changes can help with fertility and conception.

Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, lower your stress levels and quit smoking or cut on your alcohol intake to optimize health in readiness for pregnancy. Cutting down on your daily caffeine intakes can also help with fast conception.

The general rule here is to do everything possible to improve your health so it is easier for natural conception to take place without any interruptions or barriers. This goes for both men and women.


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