How to Get Bigger Breasts in a Week


How to Get Bigger Breasts in a Week


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The fact is, most men love women with visible breasts.  Most of them choose those having larger cups compared to those with the smaller busts. Women with small busts turn to all kinds of solutions including creams and gels promising fast and effective results.

Even though some turn to be effective over a period of time, you might not find them very helpful if you are looking for a fast fix. However, you can try out other methods that can fetch you bigger breasts within a week.


Breast Implants to Get Bigger Breasts in a Week

They offer instant breast enlargement and won’t even need a week for you to start enjoying your bigger boobs. However, you ought to remember that this method is not only risky but also expensive and you need to be prepared for the possibilities. You will also require a little time to heal from the surgery before you can enjoy your new big breasts. The secret to make it a success is to make sure that you choose the best and experienced surgeon who can offer you high quality services and results for that matter.

Breast Massage to Get Bigger Boobs in a Week

If you are looking for fast results with your breast enlargement without getting under knife, then massage is your best option. When you do it right, you will start seeing changes in a week and enjoy up to a cup size larger in a month if you continue with the massage faithfully.

• Start by rubbing the hands together as fast as you can until they generate energy and heat. You should stop when you start feeling the extreme heat in hands

• Next, place the hot hands onto the breasts and start rubbing inwardly and continue with the rubbing around the breasts in a circular motion. It should be done when the hands are still warm and you need to ensure that you don’t place the hands on the nipples during the massage.

• Circle the right breast with the right hand and move in it in clockwise direction. At the same time, let the left hand move the left breast in anticlockwise direction round and round.

• Do the circular rubs at least 100 times during morning hours and after baths and then ensure you repeat the massage before you sleep. Every rub should be last at least a few seconds, but you are allowed to pause to generate more heat in your palms by rubbing them together like you did in the beginning.

• It is best to make up to 300 circular rubs. They might seem as much, but they will take only 10 minutes to fifteen minutes on maximum to complete. Going over, this can be irritating to the breasts so ensure that you keep to the limits every day to get fast results safely.

Even though you require more than a week to enjoy better results naturally, you should see changes in your breast size when you follow the massage.


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