Best Flirting Tips for Girls – How To Flirt With A Guy Successfully


How To Flirt With A Guy Successfully

A girl making the first move on a guy is not always considered right or normal. However, you might find yourself in a situation where you like a guy too much to resist pulling a fast one on him. The truth is it is quite okay to flirt with a guy you have a crush on as long as you don’t end up tripping and making yourself look like a fool. This should not be a problem because with a few flirting tips you can finally melt the heart of that guy you like so much.

Steal glances and be caught

Eye contact is indeed crucial in letting someone know you like them, especially in a crowded place or a setting where you are seated far from each other. When stealing glances, make sure that he does catch you looking; then give him a sly smile, stare a while then look away. Whereas it is allowed to make eye contact several times, ensure you don’t look too much since it will come out as creepy.

Be playful

This comes in handy when you finally get a chance to talk to the guy. Flirting should be nothing but fun and you therefore have the freedom to tease and be as playful as possible. You can choose words and statements you are sure will get the guy steaming. Whatever you choose should however be masculine and cute to stir the right reactions from him. How about trying a nickname that makes him tick?

Make physical contact tactfully

Yes, you are crazy about the guy, but you just don’t want to end up jumping all over him as soon as you get the chance to. In the initial stages, create some kind of intimacy by standing close to him but not too close. As you get more comfortable, you can then initiate subtle contact . You can make it as accidental as possible, such as a brush on his fingers or shoulders or even an unexpected hug hello or goodbye. Being tactful is important because he might not be interested or might be too shy.

Give compliments

Compliments are not limited to women; men love them too as long as they don’t end up becoming too much sounding fake. It is important for you to remember what you have already said and avoiding saying it too many times after that. Flatter him right and see the magic start to happen!

Use body language but moderately

How you carry and handle yourself can speak volumes about you. Pay attention to every move you make to ensure you give the right message. You can flirtatiously play with hair or jewelry, expose the neck more and walk elegantly and adopt a sexy look. Whatever you do with your body make sure you capture his attention in the right way.

Leave him wanting

Flirting can slack at some point; hence the importance of knowing when to stop. The secret is to stop flirting while it is still fun. This leaves him wanting more from you and will make the next meeting most pleasurable for both of you.