How to Fake a Hickey – Make a Fake Hickey on your Neck


How to Fake a Hickey – Make a Fake Hickey on your Neck

Sight of a hickey or a love-bite mark makes many people embarrass while some others embrace them, just like me. Interestingly, some may even want to fake a hickey to make an ex-gf/bf jealous, or to make people think that they are desired by the opposite sex. Well, whatever your reason is to get a hickey (that’s why you are here, right). I am providing you with the detailed guide on How to Fake a Hickey.

You must be questioning yourself is it really possible to create a fake hickey without having someone help you? Well, Yes, it most certainly is! Read on a little more to discover how can you give yourself a hickey on your neck or chest (common places to get a hickey)

Ways on How to Fake a Hickey

One of the easiest way (if you are girl) to fake a hickey or love bite is by using make-up. Using makeup for faking hickey is incredibly versatile and can be used to create all different kinds of effects. Before getting started, choose the location for the hickey – Neck or chest areas are good and common places on a body to get a hickey.

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How to Make a Fake Hickey With Makeup

fake-hickey-using-makeupAfter you have decided your place get a large eye shadow palette that has an array of colors. The colors you will be requiring to fake a hickey are –

Dark Pink, Dark Purple, and Dark Blue

Note: If you have a darker skin then you might need more darker eye shadow colors in order make the hickey show up.

Step 1 : Take a small makeup brush to apply the eye shadow. Start by applying the pink eye shadow first. Stand really near to the mirror to apply makeup. Now, gently tap your makeup brush twice into the pink eye shadow. Bring the brush up to the area you’re making the hickey, and rub the brush in small, ½ – 1 inch sized ovals on your skin. Do it slowly starting with less color first and to make it come out slowly and gradually.

Step 2: Now add the purple eye shadow, tap it into the middle area of the hickey. Lightly continue to make small ovals to form the hickey. With the help of a brush try blending the purple color out to the edges of the hickey.

Step 3: Now its turn to apply some blue eye shadow. Again, tap a small corner of your makeup brush into the blue eye shadow and dab it in the middle area of the hickey. Blend it like above. Keep blue little less compared  to other eye shadow colors.

Now the last and important step is to set the makeup. Spray a thin layer of hair spray or makeup setting spray to make the hickey last longer and avoid coming off on your clothes. This fake hickey will last until you wash it off.

How to Fake a Hickey with a Vacuum Cleaner (Hoover Hickey)

fake-hickey-using-vacuumIf you are looking to fake a hickey without makeup, you can use vacuum cleaner to fake it. After you have identified the spot where you want a hickey, switch on your vacuum. Place the suction opening of the hoover on your skin and leave it there for 45 seconds. This hoover hickey method would give you an actual bruise even though it isn’t from a real person.

How to Fake a Hickey with a Bottle

Obtain a 2-liter water bottle or soda bottle. Place the bottle in between your hands, and squeeze the midsection of the bottle. Now, place the mouth of the squeezed bottle on the area you’ve decided to make your hickey. The mouth of the bottle must be flush with your skin in order to create suction. Hold the bottle in place for approximately 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, pull the bottle away to remove the bottle from your skin.

Keep in mind the more you have squeezed the bottle, the more suction there will be on your skin which will eventually give you a intense looking hickey. Consider widening the hickey by making another hickey, this will make the look of the hickey more realistic.

Note: You’ll need to rinse the bottle first because this will come into contact with your skin.


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