Healthy Things to Do Before and After Dinner


Healthy Things to do Before and After Dinner

Dinner is as important as breakfast. Dinner meal helps your body to have the nutrients it needs while you are sleeping. Dinner is also an opportunity for your family to eat together and have some conversation after the long day.

There are also some things to remember before and after you have your dinner that can help you to achieve a healthy body.

Take a Short Walk


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Walking helps you in the process of digestion. It’s also a good exercise to improve your mood. 15 to 20 minutes of walking is enough for you to have a good exercise and to improve digestion. It feels much better and easier to take a walk if you have someone along with you to have conversation with her/him and walk feels like a breeze.

Drink Warm Water

Drink a glass of lukewarm water 30 minutes before dinner. It can improve your digestion. It can also makes you feel full that can avoid you from overeating. You can drink a little water during your meal.

DON’T Sleep Immediately

It is not recommended to jump into your bed right after your dinner. The reason is that it can slow down the process of digestion. It can also lead to heartburn which is really bad and painful. After your dinner, you must wait for 2 hours before going to bed.

Brush Your Teeth

After having your dinner, you need to wait 15-20 minutes before brushing your teeth. In brushing your teeth, make sure you brush them correctly to remove the plaque and other substances that may cause tooth decay. Brushing your teeth also neutralize the pH of your mouth and gives you a fresher breath. Brushing should be done for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

DON’T Smoke

smoking-after-dinnerSmoking is bad to do after dinner because it encourages to relax your lower esophageal sphincter that may cause you to experience heartburn. Smoking may add to the irritable bowel syndrome and it may cause a stomach ulcer. It can also disrupt your sleep cycle and cause you headache.

DON’T Consume Fruits

Fruits are healthy food for people but fruits are bad to consume immediately after dinner. Fruits have sugar that may keep you awake and can hinder your digestion. It is recommended to consume fruits 30 minutes before or after your dinner.

DON’T Take Shower

After dinner, you should wait for 30-45 minutes before taking a shower because taking shower may decrease your body temperature that can slow down the process of digestion.

Avoid Heavy Exercise

Walking is enough as exercise after dinner. Heavy exercise can interrupt sleep and your wake cycle. It can also increase your temperature.

Wear Comfy Loose Clothes

Tight fitting clothes may put a lot of pressure to your abdomen that can lead to heartburn. It can also elevate your body temperature. Loose clothes can help you sleep better.

DON’T Loosen Your Belt

Loosen your belt after dinner may promote big bulging belly which I am sure you won’t like. It can also indicate whether you eat too much or not.


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