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Guest posts are now accepted on Blog. We invite you to submit a post.

Submitting a post will not result in publication. We reserve the right to publish the content we feel is better suited to the blog’s content and editorial line. You will get a reply if the post has been selected for publication. If you don’t hear from us, it means that the post has not been accepted.

In order to increase the chances of being featured, we suggest you adhere to the following guidelines.

Guest Post Guidelines

– Content must be original. We will carefully search for the content you submit across the web. If your content is present somewhere else on the web, it won’t be published on howtobeaware Blog. Moreover we require exclusivity of the content you provide, meaning the content cannot appear anywhere else in the same form you provided it to us.

– Post should be in depth : We require in depth posts of 500 words and above

– Content must fit our categories. Please review carefully the list of our categories.

– Content must not have more than 1 self referential links.

– Tone of voice must be non-promotional : Promotion in any form won’t be tolerated. It’s okay to link to your business from your content but any promotion of your products or someone else’s will be penalized. This is unless you are providing the list of tools or discussing news, in such case you must keep an unbiased perspective.

– Subheadings.
Please use subheadings and short paragraphs throughout your post and remember to always close with an In Conclusion paragraph.

– Editing.
All posts submitted will be subjected to editing. We won’t heavily edit your post, but we will make sure it is in line with the blog content.

How to Submit Your Content –

Simply mail your post to We will be in touch should your post be approved.