7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Cosmetics


Learn How to Save Money on Cosmetics – 7 Easy Ways

cosmetics-save-moneyLet’s face it: makeup can get costly. And unless your family name is Jenner (or Kardashian), or you are in any way paid to endorse a makeup brand, your makeup stash can take a serious chunk out of your budget. With the skyrocketing costs of cosmetics these days, every opportunity to save up on them is welcome – or even a priority!

One of the most important and most basic things to know about saving money on cosmetics is that you don’t sacrifice quality or safety just to save on the costs. The last thing you want is to end up with bad skin or a bad reaction after buying cheap knock-offs that have not been tested properly for safety.

We have found seven clever ways for you to get the most out of your purchase, find inexpensive and safe alternatives, and still get the makeup satisfaction you love.

  1. Check the lower portion of the shelves. A lot of consumer psychology goes into marketing, and makeup displays are designed to make you buy the most expensive items. These items are placed at eye-level in order to lure you into buying them. But the bottom half of these makeup displays contain items that are just as good but are significantly cheaper.
  2. Pick brands that offer incentives for recycling. Many makeup brands offer rewards for re-using your old makeup containers. Those eye shadow and blush pots are very valuable to them and save them the cost of having to order new ones so they give you a thank you gift usually in the form of coupons and free makeup. Plus, you won’t only be getting rewarded with your favorite items but you are also giving a little something back to the environment.
  3. Check for coupons. Coupons are a lifesaver. If you are diligent enough to spend some amount of time looking for them, you can get some pretty good discounts from all your favorite brands such as Allbeauty. The best places to get them are makeup coupon websites and makeup blogs.
  4. Watch out for giveaways. Brands regularly partner with bloggers when they are promoting new items or to just boost their regular marketing strategies. These marketing efforts almost always include regular giveaways and contests, so keep an eye out for popular makeup bloggers to make sure you can enjoy these awesome freebies.
  5. Make the most out of every item. More often than not, the lifespan of our purchases tends to be cut short because makeup sticks to the bottom. Thankfully, there are ways to maximise your usage of them. For example, you can dip your mascara into warm water to loosen up the bits stuck to the bottom. A few drops of saline solution into the canister can do the trick as well. You can release some stuck on loose powder at the bottom of the pot by lightly tapping the bottom of the pot. Check more of these money-saving tricks on Pinterest and Youtube.
  6. Explore the makeup section of your drugstore. Your drugstore is not just the best place to get your mouthwash. It is also a treasure trove for cosmetic lovers. Basic items and items that you use a lot are best bought inexpensively, like mascara. The biggest difference between drugstore mascara and big brand name mascara is the wand – so save the wand from your big purchase and use the drugstore alternative instead. The results will be dramatically similar – for a fraction of the cost.
  7. Join your brand’s loyalty club for some exclusive benefits. From free makeup on your birthday to getting sales that are unavailable to non club-members, the loyalty club will give you more for a lot less. This is ideal especially if you are a hoarder of makeup from the same brand as most of these stores give you incentive points for every purchase and it’s the kind of reward you would love to reap at the end of the year.

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